city and colour makes my monday

can not not be pissed off at how you act. die. or at least grow up.


outside my window there's definitely a war going on with the weather

how am I supposed to make it without my entourage of men!?

the singer of switchfoot makes it impossible not to love this track

some people just need a high-five

kvällen bjuder på fin fotboll

overslept before work, didn't get my coffee until 3:00, haven't eaten yet and yeah.. it's def a monday

[ben heine]

old enough to party, hey saturday!


when you just want everything to be more simple. I need to stop feeling.


tonights repeat.

sitting outside even thou the autumn is around the corner and my nose is cold. stubborn.


another day, another mode, let's just forget about yesterday and do something else

City and Colour – Against The Grain
Explosions In The Sky – Human Qualities

so this is the moment we all embrace girls with gaps, hi5 for that


the low anthem does it too good

when will I stop being the naive one?


people can read me like an open book. mediocre. need to stop doin' that.

explosions in the sky in november

princes kept the view while all the women came and went. barefoot servants, too.


something good for this thursday

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