i hate it when you find out things you're not supposed to find out. and i hate it when you can't deal with it and no one will listen to your bullshit.

Postat av: Penpalwithme

You mad I clicked your blogg link from IP and found out things "I'm not supposed to find out?" DEAL WITH IT. :D

Oh I has your response done, but will give it to you tomorrow. Try to stay cool like a cucumber.

2011-08-31 @ 09:56:30
Postat av: Penpalwithme

Also...why do you have it as "jerk it out?"

Is this a translation from something in Swedish?

2011-08-31 @ 09:58:32
Postat av: martina

haha, jerk it out is just another text instead of comments. it's a song made by a swedish band called caesars, haha.

2011-08-31 @ 21:01:59
URL: http://bemyescapee.blogg.se/

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